2018 Nissan Maxima SR Midnight Edition Review

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2018 Nissan Maxima SR Midnight Edition Review

2018 Nissan Maxima SR Midnight Edition Review welcome to our site find great offers on Nissan’s full line of reliable sedans, versatile crossovers, capable trucks and SUVs. We learned a week of driving the 2017 Maxima Sr Midnight and we were impressed if it is full of warnings. and understand some of the Fanboy’s hatred for maxima transmission these days. We are not too overwhelmed by concerns about how true a 4DSC of the maxima in this generation really is. You see, describing Maxima as a four-door sports car establishes quite unrealistic performance expectations.

Discover the this complex car for what it is: the stylish and comfortable this full size people are blessed with V6 300 horses. Getting rid of the luggage 4DSC really allows you to enjoy maxima like a car with space, technology and softness to rival the Audi A6 for about $20k less. That is a high praise that few would say about Maxima’s true nemesis: the Dodge loader. We have a high speed video drive, 72 beautiful photos and normal article sections to share all the good and not so good at midnight Maxima.

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2018 Nissan Maxima SR Midnight Edition Exterior

Midnight Maxima easily ACES the design and Curb Appeal Stakes at 2017. This $1200 update brings black shine wheels, chrome rear diffuser and black spoiler. The midnight pack at Maxima comes in four colors and is a great achievement in the Nissan trend. This is a car that draws looks in the traffic of how badass is actually seen. The midnight pack at Maxima is a success that Nissan is adding to five other models in the coming months.

Maxima style has always pushed our buttons, since the first teaser concepts gave us RS6 tingling. Much wider, much lower and with a fresh floating roof unlike any maxima before–or any other large sedan. This black paint deeper than a well and as reflective as black chrome. Seriously warm Color.

And the dark tires reinforce how the special Maxima Sr is on the street. Starting from the front, Maxima’s nose is defined by its outer single-frame grille, with edges in a fine chrome accent. Near the hoodline at the top of the grill there is a large air inlet and a new execution of Nissan V-Motion grid bars. Here they are deeply three-dimensional and make a nice cozy home for Nissan’s giant emblem. This thing is like a tooth! Its base is half-foot back towards the engine. This intricate and stratified section is one of the most exclusive, and helps Maxima to be memorable and intriguing for the eye. The inboard LED daytime running lights live curiously on the inside edges of the thin horizontal headlights. The LED lowbeams with external-mounted projector balls provides good light and still another easy-recognizable design detail.

The cabin is also a good place to be and has an excellent fit and finish and is loaded with top quality materials. The 8.0 in Nissan Connect Entertainment system has all your entertainment needs and satellite radio connectivity, GPS navigation, a handsfree phone system, audio streaming, and a variety of applications that are accessed through Apple display. The 7.0 on the Advanced Drive Support screen keeps the controller informed at a glance while a startup screen displays navigation, speed and audio information. Subsequent pages relay vehicle and travel data as fuel efficiency, driving time and tyre pressures.

2018 Nissan Maxima SR Midnight Edition Interior

The cabin at midnight Maxima really surprises and delights. He has padded the upper Alcantara fillings in his black leather seats. The diamond theme continues on the dark silver door and the dashboard accents well. Alcantara for the flat bottom steering wheel is fantastic for the touch and for the high G units as our top video. Beyond the ostentation of the special details of the Midnight edition, jumping back into the maxima is a great reminder of the difference of this car against the charger or any type of Camry/Accord car.

What is the difference? The first is a sense of width, the other is an amazing room of legs/knees third is low to drive reclined maxima power places allow. Best of all driving mode of the vehicle front unit, the world? Even with limited can-Seat adjustments, MAXIMA very comfortable almost immediately. the seat sideways much but lack of support for the alcantara allows you planted in the corners.

You have the wheel low and right by hand. The expandable seat-base squab is only for the driver–who caresses your extra low-leg support. Once installed on the Maxima, you feel pretty hard and cool. Maybe not ‘ Gangsta ‘ without even tinted windows… but certainly cooler than 99-percent of the traveler’s clones in the traffic around them. button start and heated/cooled seats make quick friends with drivers, as is the silent insulation and ways of the super Shiver drive in traffic.

Goodness continues with updated NAV touch screen, the sport drive mode (which we wanted was the default,) and reflective, semi-Premium touches everywhere. Things like the dashboard wrapped in leather and USB inputs with LED edges. Just helpful and easy to love, this cabin maxima. The back seat is still a big asset to Maxima. A very, very generous space for three back here. The maximum cab is a-less work, with only dings for the slightly outdated vehicle settings. How to turn off the horn in Keyfob click!!? We couldn’t find a way.

Climate-controlled front seats (Ascot Premium leather wrapped with diamond-padded inserts) provide optimal comfort for long discs thanks to its three-layer foam design that provides greater softness, while the Sr trim also comes standard with a steering wheel heating, an 11 Bose speaker sound system and accent LED interior lighting. It also has a plethora of security systems such as advance collision warning, intelligent cruise control, front emergency braking, rear cross-traffic alert, and blind spot warning.

2018 Nissan Maxima SR Midnight Edition Engine

Maxima 4DSC’s mission statement has suffered a serious mission problem over the last few generations. First the independent rear suspension left in favor of the cheapest of the final torsion-bar back. Sure, this crashes the trunk space to the first floor levels. and theoretically it offers a passive back address. Then we lost the manual transmission option. A lot of sadness from those who loved the five speeds of Maxima Riverside. Then we lost an automatic torque converter in favor of the continuously variable Xtronic unit.

Is it just too much? Yes, the 300HP can scorch to 60-mph in under six clicks. But it’s not exactly a joyful experience. Even Xtronic 3 with its simulated changes cannot make this transmission a real sporting proposition. The large weight transfer is also a Maxima problem in the release as well as hard braking. More control of the body around the corners, but you never lost the feeling that the front end is doing all the work. The back end just doesn’t feel hooked around corners. Maxima loves to turn himself in. It has pretty quick reactions when you want to throw it around curves, and it stays admirably flat in doing so. The understeer tyre Howl is when you know you’ve overcooked it.

Even with Sport-Mode (IDM), and Yaw sensors and systems-managed computer … there is no option to hide Maxima on the quick shaped curves. returned the drive fast, twisty roads like our video above, shows more border of monitoring active drive ENGINE ANTI-LOCK BRAKING SYSTEM is active. These selectively apply the brakes on each front wheel to improve the feeling around the corners. The problem is that the increasing of the brakes even when you are not using them. So when you need large brakes after 20 minutes of this they are much more than they need to be washed out.

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Yes, this IDM system is something that the Pathfinder and the Murano would benefit a lot. So don’t corner like comfortable clouds all the time, mostly. But sadly, the performance charms of Maxima Sr Midnight were not convincing enough. We give you around a C in handling and C + in being fun-to-whip.

2018 Nissan Maxima SR Midnight Edition Price

Maxima Sr including entrance fee of approximately 38,500 housing when you have the target charge. Our test vehicle about midnight Edition update for $1,195 and $260/trunk mats splash guards of $190. total, this black beauty large amounts up to $40,300. The edition of midnight can be sold separately for $2,195, but the nissan rocket hits grand off when the car carries the midnight blackout by the manufacturer.

2018 Nissan Maxima SR Midnight Edition Review

V6 strong but never feels torquey with Xtronic. And while there is big induction bellow from in front at full throttle, there is no exhaust note to balance Maxima in your ears.
Model:Maxima SR Midnight Edition
Transmission:CVT, FWD
Max torque:354Nm @ 4,400rpm
Engine:3.5-litre V6
Max power:300bhp @ 6,400rpm
Highs:Aggressive looks, smart cabin, lots of useful tech and kit

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