2018 Nissan Maxima Top Speed

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2018 Nissan Maxima Top Speed

2018 Nissan Maxima Top Speed welcome to our site find great offers on Nissan’s full line of reliable sedans, versatile crossovers, capable trucks and SUVs. Nissan must cease to promote its maxima as a “sports car with four doors.” This nickname fact of the car a bad service, raise expectations among people in search of a sedan to pulse while diverting potentially buyers who do not want a machine to be classified by order of performance. After a week of driving a new 2017 Nissan Maxima SR-the most aggressive topping of the range-I can tell you what the car really is: a very comfortable, lavishly equipped, fine-driving full-size sedan that delivers a ton For the dollar. A sports car, however, it’s not.

You could call the Maxima’s front end overwrought (I do), but otherwise it’s an attractive package with lots of interesting features and chiseled edges. I have a lot of “nice car!” comments and “How do you Like it?” Questions of the grateful passers-by. Especially when cheated in the Midnight edition of Guise (an option $1 195 that adds 19-inch shiny-black alloy rims, a rear spoiler, and a rear diffuser), it seems far more than competitors of similar size like the Toyota Avalon and cadence Kia-enough for you would be forgiven for waiting to find an athlete worthy of Usain Bolt below.

There is a good power on the faucet-300 HP from the familiar Twin-Cam, 3.5-liter six. The thing is, Maxima don’t do much with these ponies. The main obstacle is the transmission of the standard variable continuously. It is not sporting. Not at all. Yes, you can manually change using pallets mounted behind the wheel and, yes, you can switch the drive mode selector into the sport and the lag behavior gets more, but is never the powertrain a lot of Fun when you’re hustling on a winding road. Click on the left paddle for a demoter as you approach a corner and the CVT responds-possibly. There is nothing crispy or exciting to move up or down; Instead, the transmission feels as if it would rather be left alone, free of purring in any report it sees fit. This is the problem here: “CVT” and “sports car” are mutually exclusive terms. Nowadays, with excellent automation and more difficult double-clutch transmission, the CVT of Maxima is a disappointment.

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2018 Nissan Maxima Exterior

Essentially a slightly attenuated sport sedan concept, the new Maxima is stunning to look at. The sedan is 1.3 inches lower and 2.2 inches higher than the previous generation, projecting a distinctive high-end look through its lower profile and wide position. The sporty aspect is aided by sculpted and streamlined body lines, and the daring front end that borrows almost every landmark of the sport sedan concept. Boomerang-style headlights with standard LED lights surround a massive V-shaped grille that extends deep into the bumper. The three pieces, horizontal fog still improve the footprint of the wide sedan. The pleated cover of the concept has been replaced by a smoother piece, but it is far from being upsetting because it adds a touch of elegance to the fascia front sportsman.

The style of the sport Sedan concept adorns the rear too, including the taillights with the Boomerang-style LED signature and the chrome stripe on the trunk cover. Even the bumper is almost identical, with only the exhaust outlets with a more conventional shape. The black diffuser-as the piece also went, replaced by a less aggressive, body-colored Insert.

The profile is what makes the Maxima stand out in the full size segment. Blackened pillars create an enveloping appearance of canopy, which is increased by the double panoramic panel opening, while the rear slanted glass gives it a cut-like shape. The muscular wings and the deep-shelling doors exude strength and effervescence. This magnificent design can be had in nine exterior colors, including the Deep Blue pearl shown here and the Maxima-exclusive wrought bronze and red grout.

2018 Nissan Maxima Interior

The interior of the new Maxima also takes its landmarks from the Sedan sport concept. The instrument panel and the cluster of instruments are identical to those of the study, but are equipped with production functions such as larger HVAC vents and additional buttons and knobs on the central stack. The center console is also much more crowded, with more buttons, a stop-Start button, a slightly different gear lever and a pair of cup holders. But despite the mess, the inside of the maxima seems sharp and more premium than a Nissan badge might suggest.

The center of the stack is inclined seven degrees to the driver, a feature of Nissan says it borrowed from the GT-R supercar, while the floating console is higher than in the previous maxima. The console also has luxurious padding on the sides, with contrasting sewing, which is also present on the dashboard and door panels.

Nissan’s innovative zero-gravity front seats with side sides are standard, and are adjustable in eight and four lanes for both the driver and the passenger, respectively. A new three-layer foam design provides increased softness. The seats are wrapped in premium fabric in the base models, but the top fittings offer either leather or premium Ascot leather seating surfaces. The flat-bottom steering wheel has perforated leather pads, while the Alcantara is available as an option for some surfaces around the cab.

The new in-car maxima technology now includes NissanConnect with standard navigation on all trim levels, and an 8-inch color display with Smartphone-Like gestures. There is also a hands-free text messaging assistant for Android devices and Nissan’s voice recognition for navigation and audio. The instrument group is equipped with a 7-inch split screen that shows the navigation routing, the digital speed and the actual output of the engine.

Nissan claims that the Maxima brings luxury interior tranquility to the level of this segment using laminated glass for the windshield and front door windows, and a new active noise-canceling system that helps reduce noise Low frequency unpleasant. Unfortunately, the noise cancellation system is only available with the optional Bose audio system.

Naturally, the number of standard features differs from one level of Trim to another. The new maxima can be had in five versions. The Maxima S are located at the bottom of the range, while the SV, SL, and SR lead to the range-Topping Platinum grade. This model includes a standard opening, a tilting and telescoping steering column, Ascot top quality leather seats with diamond padded leather inserts, a Premium ascot leather-wrapped steering wheel, a view monitor, a seat of memory driver side and faceted finishers in mahogany wood, among many other.

2018 Nissan Maxima Engine

It’s time to stop pressuring the maxima to the height of its billing as a four-door sports car and accept it for what it is: an affordable luxury car. A courageous 3.5-liter V-6 makes 300 HP and drives the front wheels through a CVT. The cabin is quiet, has a 8.0 inch touch screen with NAV and Apple CarPlay (no Android auto), and can be equipped with padded diamond seat inserts, mahogany wood trim, and ambient lighting. The automated emergency braking is standard and the adaptive Speed controller is optional.

Hiding behind the maxima of the new front aggressive front is a fully revised V-6 3.5 engine coupled with a performance-oriented Xtronic transmission. Using 60 percent new parts compared to the previous V-6, the engine revised cranks off 300 horses and 261 pounds-feet of torque. It’s only 10 more horses and no couple improvement on the previous model, but the real highlight here is the fuel economy, which increased by 15 percent, according to Nissan’s estimates, at 30 mpg Highway and 22 mpg city. The previous model returned 26 MPG Highway and 19 mpg City.

2018 Nissan Maxima Top Speed

Compared to its main competitors, the new maxim is significantly more powerful than the 268-horsepower Toyota Avalon, while it only misses three horses compared to the Chevy Impala. The acceleration from 0 to 60 mph is not yet available, but the sprint should come in the low range of 6 seconds, making it noticeably faster than the Toyota and the Chevy. And this is a must since Nissan promotes the maxima as a sports sedan. As far as the fuel economy goes, the new Maxima should better the Impala, but the short fall of the Avalon by an mpg in the road conditions.

2018 Nissan Maxima Price

What are the determining factors? Clearly, it’s more than the price. The MSRP range of Maxima opens at $33 795, which is just around the current average of the new car-transaction figure. Like all cars in its class, it can easily be equipped to climb on the border $40 000, and the high-end Platinum Edition, our test subject, starts at $41 225.

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