2022 Nissan Maxima: New Full-Size Sporty Sedan with EV Concept

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2022 Nissan Maxima has been around since 2015, and now, about five years into its lifetime, Nissan created some good mid-cycle refreshments to attract potential buyers with some interesting new equipment.

From the results of the monitoring, we see the renewed speculation as an opportunity to take the Maxima SR 2022 and place the four sporty doors through its steps during the journey from San Jose, California, to Ashland, Oregon.

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2022 Nissan Maxima News: New EV Concept

Speaking of the Nissan EV, it is familiar to us, a reversal of the old trend of cars that are longer, lower, and wider starting in the 1950s, complete with the opening of the Nissan IM “high sport sedan,” a 59.0-inch high EV that seems like it could be Maxima next.

Nissan called the design “a slipstream cabin arch above interior space without a B pillar”.

Nissan places a flat, high-capacity IMs battery under the passenger compartment, a space that designers prioritize by visually separating the greenhouse from the body, according to the carmaker.

The lack of a traditional internal combustion engine allows Nissan designers to emphasize roominess to create “open and airy cabins that can play the dual role of the ruling cockpit or spaces like lounges.”

The Nissan IMs concept shows the future of the four-door sedan. The target constituents are likely to include old baby boomers who might not want to get on or off the vehicle, as well as shared travel services like Uber and Lyft, whose customers will also appreciate the easier entry and exit of goods.

For this reason, the roof of the Nissan IM is only 0.1 inches lower than the Infiniti QX30 crossover. Other exterior dimensions are quite typical of modern midsize sedans, with an overall length of 190.0 inches and a width of 74.0 inches on a wheelbase of 114.0 inches.

IM uses what Nissan calls a new electric vehicle platform, with front and rear electric motors moving all four wheels.

Here, dual motors combine to make the claimed 483 power and 590 lb-ft of torque, and the 115-kWh battery-package offers, Nissan says, a range of 380 miles.

Apart from the design flexibility allowed by the electric power train, the IMs design has a proportion of front-wheel drives, such as the Nissan Maxima.

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This car drives an air suspension with an adaptive driving sensor, and this car offers a fully manual and fully autonomous driving mode.

Nissan IM concept car tricks include a suicide door without a handle, without a B-pillar, and a camera to replace the side mirrors that fold into the body when the car is driven autonomously.

The concept also has 22-inch wheels and tires, a glass roof, thin pillars, and “super-flush” side glass. There is also an augmented reality display “Invisible-to-Visible” that uses sensors and data clouds to help residents or drivers see things around the car that might be hidden.

The interior features what Nissan calls the “Kumiko” structure printed in 3D on the instrument panel, as well as the driver’s display using a floating screen with double layers.

Nissan calls the center of the wide rear seat “Main Seat,” and the slim outboard seat can be folded into a delta shape for private jet style travel.

The instrument and door panels are covered by black woven fabric with gold mesh fabric accents. The interior floor is covered with a special carpet with a “Shock Diamond” pattern.

The exterior lighting of this concept has a horizontal beam of light in front which sends pulses of light to the interior and to the rear holographic lights, where they meet in the middle of the back end before the sequence begins again in front.

It looks cool, but the purpose is not clear beyond that. However, get rid of the show-car pretense, and at least you can see the design language that is likely to be adopted for the next generation Maxima because of model years 2021 or 2022.

The IM concept also seems to peek at what Nissan imagined for an autonomous electric vehicle that could come in the next decade.

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2022 Nissan Maxima Specs

In the specifications section of this test car wearing 19-inches, two-tone wheels, and sparkling Sunset Drift paint. The hue costs $ 395 extra, but it’s one of the best colors in the Nissan palette.

The illumination package ($ 545) adds 20-color interior accent lighting that can be adjusted and exterior ground lighting. The $ 370 rear diffuser completes the exterior, the finishing touch to the sedan’s factory tuner appearance.

Overall, the SR was little chosen because it killed the standard equipment. Nissan determined it with mats, mats and nets, first aid kits, and bag hooks, all for a total of $ 375.

2022 Nissan Maxima Interior

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In the interior, the full-size Sedan also offers many uses. Maxima’s luggage is big enough to hold four portable bags with plenty of space for the fifth, or even the sixth one.

Passengers in our rear seats have plenty of room to lie down during a six-hour trip to Oregon.

The double sunroof is a plus for those who sit in the back; however, the rear armrest cupholder is not large enough to hold two cups of coffee.

Every 2022 Nissan Maxima receives a Safety Shield 360 technology package from Nissan for the 2020 model. In the long journey through the freeway, I like to use adaptive cruise control, letting the car reach out when it comes to traffic control and guarding the lane.

The interior, despite having some good materials, shows its age with large plots of hard plastic. The middle area around the shifters is very cluttered with buttons, buttons, and buttons, leaving less space than ideal for storage.

However, there is a neat cell phone, which is great when the device is plugged into a USB port for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto duty.

The updated Maxima turned out to be a pleasant surprise as a travel companion. However, from the powertrain to the interior, Nissan’s biggest sedan can use a few more updates to make it fresher.

2022 Nissan Maxima Engine

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If you look carefully at the 3.5-liter VQ-series V-6 Nissan engine feel comfortable at the Maxima. In this case, it produces 300 horsepower and 261 lb-ft of torque, many of them to move the Maxima through a traffic hole or blow it up on a highway.

The engine is paired with a continuously variable transmission that does an extraordinary job of maintaining unlimited power supply in the tap. It all sounds a bit like a chainsaw when revs go up, but the startup sound is deep and hoarse.

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2022 Nissan Maxima Suspension

The steering wheel turned out to be very heavy; Nissan opted for the hydro-electric system in the Maxima, and during more aggressive driving, it produced swift changes and felt heavy around the corner.

The wheel itself is wrapped in leather, with the addition of extra leather. As the main point of physical contact of the driver with the car, this is done quite well.

Adjustment of the suspension leaning to the sporty side. Even when 2022 Nissan Maxima is full of passengers and luggage, it’s still fun to run it across the detour in southern Oregon.

The active suspension damping system keeps the chassis neat in various circumstances. Meanwhile, the brake pedal is sturdy and responsive. The overall package offers an impressive level of ability and old school charm.

2022 Nissan Maxima Price

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When viewed from the previous version of the Nissan Maxima 2020 available in five trim levels: S, SV, SL, SR, and Platinum. The basic S model starts at $ 35,145. SV midrange and SL respectively starting at $ 37,195 and $ 39,535.

SR and Platinum trim levels above are priced fairly close at $ 42,345 and $ 42,435 respectively. All prices include a mandatory $ 895 destination fee. 2020 Maxima is on sale now.

For $ 44,030 which may be added after the destination fee, the Maxima SR is filled with equipment and can make it a reliable daily driver. This is just speculation only because there is not yet official information from Nissan.

The Toyota Avalon and Kia Cadenza are probably the closest competition, and both of these cars are a little fresher than Nissan’s long-running victims. But with tuning the SR trim suspension, it’s still the sportiest of the group.

My passenger found Maxima comfortable and roomy, and I enjoyed a lower center of mass and competent dynamics to comparable SUVs. However, it is time for Nissan to completely overhaul its biggest sedan.