2024 Nissan Maxima: Next-Gen Nissan Maxima Sporty Look Review

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2024 Nissan Maxima is the brand’s flagship sedan but its popularity has not been at its strongest in recent years. Big expensive fuel-intensive sedans like the Toyota Avalon Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger are slowly being phased out—the public is no longer interested. Rumors have been circulating for years that the 2022 Nissan Maxima will be discontinued. Will it be the last in line?

Automotive News has reported on this massive sedan but so far there’s no word on whether the Nissan Maxima will be discontinued. Another outlet debated this question in 2020 when the rumors first started pouring in. But without official news from Nissan, the rumors continue to be just that.

It’s true that the Maxima failed on many fronts and the large sedan segment was shrinking every year. Auto News claims that at one point experts hoped Nissan would replace the Maxima with a new flagship electric car.

But he said, “That plan could now be put on hold according to sources familiar with the matter.”

With the lack of spy shots of the Nissan Maxima 2023, it’s hard to know what the company has in mind for the future. If this sedan is not discontinued then it makes sense that the upcoming Maxima 2023 or Maxima 2024 will get a complete overhaul.

Fans and critics alike wondered if there would be a Maxima redesign in 2022 but all we saw were a few brief updates. The cheapest Maxima sedan saw a slight price increase and the top-tier trim the Maxima Platinum added one new standard feature. According to Auto News, the Maxima sedan will be replaced next year. However, it’s possible that Nissan might be waiting to release a redesigned Maxima in the same year that the redesigned Murano LEAF and Kicks launch.

2024 Nissan Maxima Review

People are now speculating it could be the next generation, Nissan Maxima. Reborn as an EV. I’ve been thinking for years that Nissan’s only hope of saving the Maxima was to turn it into an electric sedan. It looks like they have stopped EV development after the Leaf. For years.

Now Aria finally came out. (soon?) And Maxima is 8 years old with nothing new in sight. Not only Tesla but Hyundai and VW came out with electric sedans. Now it’s time to reintroduce the Maxima as an EV. Sooner than later.

AutoNews wrote that “the flagship sedan is expected to be replaced with an electric vehicle inspired by IM’s ‘high sports sedan’ concept.”

Unlike other brands which seem to have a consistent strategy where the models they kill—cheapest or most expensive small passenger cars only fuel efficient only etc.—Nissan’s retired auto list faces a challenge. Minivans hatchbacks crossovers cargo vans and various toaster-shaped box cars all make the list.

Therefore it is not surprising that the large sedan entered the ranks of the deceased. But in this case, there was no good news for Maxima. We’ll see if the Nissan Maxima is discontinued this year.

2024 Nissan Maxima Specs

The 2024 Nissan Maxima is the upcoming Sedan in the US. The Nissan Maxima is powered by a 3.5L V6 Gas engine that produces 300 horsepower and 261 lb/ft of torque. It has front-wheel drive and a Continuously Variable Automatic (CVT) transmission.

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All the information on this page is unofficial but the official specifications features and price of the Nissan Maxima in the US will be updated after the official launch.

New Nissan Maxima Report

The end of an era of Japanese sedans is upon us. We’ve received official news that production of the Nissan Maxima will end in mid-2023. When the line is no more it will mark the end of 42 years of Nissan’s flagship four-door journey.

The Maxima debuted in 1980 for the 1981 model year initially under the Datsun brand. Offering six-cylinder power with rear-wheel drive it was billed as a full-size flagship initially available as either a sedan or a station wagon.

The shift to front-wheel drive came with the second-generation model now sporting the Nissan badge and will remain that way for the rest of its life. Always considered a sporty sedan the Maxima arguably reached the peak of its enthusiasm in the 1990s and early 2000s with its fourth and fifth-generation models offering understated styling with V6 power and a manual transmission.

The current-generation Maxima debuted in 2015 offering 300 horsepower paired only with a continuously variable transmission (CVT). Despite its impressive straight-line performance Maxima sales have continued to decline as buyers transition to SUVs and crossovers.

This is true for almost all major sedans but sales of the Maxima have dropped considerably in recent months. Only 3753 units were sold through the first half of 2022 down more than 62 percent from a year earlier. It’s always possible that the Maxima moniker could return for a future EV. Nissan’s statement certainly opens the door to such a reboot but for now, we’re saying goodbye again to the acclaimed and durable sedan.

Find yourself craving Maxima’s glory days in the 1990s. Check out a Radwood-themed episode of the Rambling About Cars podcast available below.

2024 Nissan Maxima Release Date

We’re almost halfway through 2022 with no word on the new Maxima. It’s rare for automakers to wait until the actual model year to release a new variant. So we expect that if Nissan releases the 2023 Maxima it will happen within the next few months.

However, at this time we don’t have details about the Nissan Maxima 2023 release date. This may indicate that Nissan’s luxury car will be discontinued at the end of this year. But if Nissan has no plans to redesign and release its fully loaded flagship sedan what will replace the Maxima?

2024 Nissan Maxima Price

The expected Nissan Maxima Launch Date in the US is November 2023 while the Expected Global Price is between $49700 to $59800. Check Nissan Maxima 2024 Prices Latest Prices in the USA and detailed Specifications Features and Compare Prices for Nissan Maxima 2024 Features and detailed specifications for up to 3 products

Others Want to Know

Q: Will there be a Nissan Maxima in 2024?

A: The next Maxima will be completely new when it arrives for the 2025 model year. It will replace the current generation, which finished production this year. The Maxima name will take a gap year for 2024 while Nissan begins a lineup shuffle.

Q: Is the Nissan Maxima going to be phased out in 2023?

A: The Nissan Maxima will be retired in 2022 as part of Nissan’s ongoing plan to focus on a more fuel-efficient range of vehicles. The final Maxima will arrive in late 2022, with the final model being built in December of that year.

Q: What is Nissan replacing the Maxima with?

A: Nissan is slated to launch a new all-electric sedan with styling inspired by the IM sports sedan concept in the second half of 2022. In theory, this EV could get the Maxima nameplate, but it’s unlikely.

Q: Is Nissan redesigning the Maxima?

A: The all-new 2023 Nissan Maxima has been released, and it’s better than ever. This car has been completely redesigned and features many new and exciting updates. If you’re looking for a new car that offers style, performance, and innovation, the Maxima is worth considering.