2018 Nissan Leaf Dimensions

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2018 Nissan Leaf Dimensions

2018 Nissan Leaf Dimensions welcome to our site find great offers on Nissan’s full line of reliable sedans, versatile crossovers, capable trucks and SUVs. The 2018 Nissan Leaf is a redesigned version of the world’s best-selling electric car. This year it takes new designs for the exterior and interior, more battery range, a variety of active security features and a price that is slightly lower than the model of the previous year. The heavily revamped electric car comes in three trim stages: base sheet s, middle class sheet SV and top sheet SL.

The 2018 sheet sounds its shape and carries much more normal sheet metal. The compact five-door Hatchback now shares many styling cues with other current Nissan designs. Only the plug-port door on the nose and the mushroom-shaped drive selection inside give away your electric powertrain, and that will likely appeal to many buyers who are off the striking, polarizing looks of the previous car.

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The new sheet wins points in essentially each category, and with an area that is twice as much as the first 2011 sheet, it should be considered by a wider sponge of buyers. (This score could go up if the 2018-sheet in crash-safety-Test rankings of the NHTSA and IIHS will cut off well.) We consider Nissan’s 2018 sheet as a strong contender as a practical electric car that is almost $7,000 cheaper than the longer range Chevrolet Bolt EV. Other competitors, including the Ford Focus Electric, Hyundai Ioniq Electric and Volkswagen E-Golf, have less range (114 to 125 miles) and are sold only in limited areas of the United States. Like the bolt EV, the sheet is available nationwide.

For those who need more range, a 2019 model with 200 miles or more of the nominal range has already been promised. As it is, Nissan brings the leaf into a white space between the 125-mile e-golf, about the same price, and the more expensive 238-mile bolt ev. The curvaceous form and the bug-eyed front lights of the previous generation are gone, and the only indication of its electric drive is the presence of a wide charge-hafentür centered in the nose over the diamond-patterned blanking panel, That’s for a radiator grille. Otherwise, it looks very much like a part of the Nissan Formation, with a little Murano crossover merged into a small Hatchback shape, including a so-called floating roof, Chevron-shaped rear lights and a deep V-shaped lattice plate.

Inside, the completely updated interior of the 2018 sheet is both conventional and pleasant. Nicer materials and soft-touch surfaces have replaced some of the hard plastic of the predecessor model, while the blue seams on the seats, the steering wheel and the top of the instrument panel subtly provide an advanced technology message Underline. Especially beautiful and much more pleasant than the black cloth on the base version is the suede-look-two-tone upholstery on the SL version.

The only visible sign for the electric drive train of the blade is the mushroom-shaped drive selector on the console. Otherwise, every passenger could fully forgive if he assumed that he had been in a new, nicer version of the Sentra compact — one that was remarkably smooth and quiet in motion. The engine is powered by a 40 kilowatt-day lithium-ion battery pack, which sits under the cabin floor and occupies the same volume as the 24-kwh pack of the original 2011 sheet — a sign of how much electric car batteries are in just seven Years. The onboard charger remains at 6.6 kilowatts, with 50-kw CHAdeMO DC fast charge, which will take about 40 minutes to charge the battery to 80 percent.

Nissan says that the 2018 sheet needs 16 hours to have a full charge with conventional 120-volt household power, and 8 hours with a Level 2 240-volt charging station. Depending on the trim level, a portable charging cable can be added that processes either 120-volt or 240-volt power, which can save some sheet owners the cost of purchasing a separate charging station for their garage or car port (although a 240 Voltage socket and associated cabling is still required).

In normal mode, the 2018 sheet accelerates quickly from the stops, with the additional engine power and the battery capacity at the highway speeds to be seen most clearly. The previous sheet to run from about 50 or 60 mph out of breath, which required a forward planning for high speed driving. The 2018 sheet has much punchiere acceleration over 50 mph, which leads to more confidence in the fast-paced highway traffic. The Eco mode is less annoying than others of its kind; It makes the new sheet a little sluggish, but it is still fully usable in the city, for an increase in the projected battery range of 5 to 9 percent.

The 2018 sheet comes standard with what Nissan “e-pedal, ” Calls, which provides what experienced EV drivers call “one-pedal driving” through increased regenerative braking. It is a bit softer than that of the Chevy Bolt EV, and much more than the stiff, abrupt feeling of the BMW i3 or the slightly delayed reaction of the Tesla Model 3. We think Nissan has done a very good job, which offers a feature that most drivers will appreciate for the quiet driving and lack of reshuffle that it allows. Unfortunately, every time the car is switched on, a driver must re-mount the E-pedal because it does not retain this setting — in contrast to the ECO mode, which remains set by several rides until the driver changes it back to normal.

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Otherwise, the sheet remains a predictable front wheel drive Hatchback with its weight down low, making it decent road guidance. The slightly stun feeling through the steering wheel has not changed much, but is much quieter at higher speeds. Like its predecessor, it does not have the strongest on-center feeling and can hike a little on speed, especially for transverse winds.

2018 Nissan Leaf Dimensions

Price $35,998 – $41,998


  • Transmission-single-speed
  • Drive Train FWD
  • CO2 emissions 0 kg/year

Motor Electric

  • Power 147 PS @ 3,283 rpm (110 kw)
  • Torque 236 lb · ft @ 3,283 rpm (320 N · m)
  • Hybrid/Electro
  • Battery type Lithium-ion (Li-Ion)
  • Energy 40.0 kwh
  • Voltage N/A
  • Loading times 120V: 35.0 H
  • 240v: 7.0 H
  • 400V: N/A
  • Vehicle Type/Category
  • Vehicle type Hatchback
  • Category Electro, compact car
  • Assembly Smyrna, TN, US
  • Generation 2


  • Trail after 1,555 mm (61 “)
  • Weight 1,557 kg (3,433 lb)
  • Weight distribution (front-back) 58% -42%
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