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2025 Nissan Pathfinder: Nissan has been in the automotive industry for quite some time and has produced some outstanding vehicles over the years. The Nissan Pathfinder is one of their most successful models and has been around since the 1980s.

When it comes to adventure, the Nissan Pathfinder has always been a reliable companion. From traversing rough terrains to navigating busy city streets, this SUV has been an all-rounder for many years. But what makes the Nissan Pathfinder stand out from other SUVs in the market?

Firstly, the Nissan Pathfinder offers ample space and comfort for passengers. Whether you’re taking a road trip with your family or commuting to work, the Pathfinder’s spacious interior and comfortable seats ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Secondly, the 2025 Pathfinder is equipped with advanced safety features that provide peace of mind to drivers and passengers alike. From blind-spot warning systems to automatic emergency braking, the Pathfinder has been designed to keep you safe on the road.

But what truly sets the Nissan Pathfinder apart is its ability to go beyond boundaries. With its 4×4 capability, the Pathfinder can handle any terrain, whether it be muddy off-road tracks or snowy mountain roads. The Pathfinder’s advanced technology and engineering make it a reliable and versatile vehicle that can take you places you never thought possible.

New 2025 Nissan Pathfinder Review

In the United States, large pickup trucks are primarily dominated by auto manufacturers based in Detroit. However, this hasn’t prevented other brands from attempting to enter this highly profitable market, which happens to be the most dominant in the entire automotive industry. Nevertheless, rumors suggest that Nissan may soon leave this market, specifically regarding its Titan model.

New 2025 Nissan Pathfinder

Automotive News has reported on the latest speculation surrounding the Nissan Titan. An anonymous source claims that the truck is effectively dead and that there are no plans to update or replace the current model. The truck could have its final year of production in 2024 or 2025. Nissan is reportedly deliberating on when to cease production of their full-size pickup truck.

Automotive News has recently reported on rumors regarding the Nissan Titan’s future. The source, who remains unidentified, reportedly stated that the truck is effectively dead and that there are no plans to update or replace the current model. There is speculation that the truck may have its final production year in 2024 or 2025, and Nissan is said to be deliberating on when to cease production of the full-size pickup truck.

These rumors are not entirely new, as similar reports surfaced in November 2021. At that time, it was suggested that Nissan had no plans to release a new generation of the Titan, but there was no mention of how long the current truck would continue to be produced.

For several years, the Nissan Titan has struggled to keep up with its competitors in terms of sales. However, in 2021, there was a slight increase in year-over-year sales for the Titan, surpassing even the Ram as it posted the best sales increase among full-size trucks in North America at 3.7 percent.

In comparison, the Toyota Tundra experienced a significant decrease of 24.9 percent in sales, while Chevrolet Silverado sales declined by 10.8 percent. Even the best-selling Ford F-Series saw a drop of 7.8 percent, but this still resulted in 726,004 Ford sold compared to only 27,406 Titans. To put that into perspective, the decline in Ford’s sales was more than double the total sales of Titans in 2021.

Moving on to the 2024 Nissan Pathfinder is a midsize three-row SUV that falls between the slightly smaller Nissan Murano and the larger Nissan Armada. The Pathfinder competes with other popular three-row SUVs such as the Kia Telluride, Honda Pilot, and Volkswagen Atlas. This current generation of the Pathfinder was introduced in 2022, and our editors have given it high ratings for its improved styling, comfortable ride, and one of the highest towing capacities in its class.

The 2023 Pathfinder saw a few updates, such as the addition of the Rock Creek trim that’s ready for off-road adventures, and wireless smartphone charging becoming standard on the SL trim. However, considering the recent Nissan Pathfinder Redesign, we anticipate only minor modifications for the 2024 model year.

Despite the improvements made in the latest Pathfinder iteration, it still falls behind its competitors. The Palisade, Telluride, and Pilot, among other midsize three-row SUVs, have all performed better in our performance evaluations.

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Update: Nissan Pathfinder Prototype 2025

The 2025 Nissan Pathfinder has been preparing for updates in Arizona, clearly hinting that Nissan appears to be preparing for a dystopian future, according to CarScoops reader Nick, who spotted this Mad Max-esque Pathfinder in Arizona.

From the information we got on the online media Carscoops, it was revealed: that the front of the crossover has been stripped and replaced with a bumper that is nothing more than a thick sheet of aluminum or steel. The model’s simple appearance continues to the rear, as it lacks cladding, fender flares, and a rear bumper.

2025 Nissan Pathfinder Prototype

Even though the prototype is mostly hidden, no changes appear to have occurred. As a result, we have more questions than answers. Even so, Nick feels his vehicle is a plug-in hybrid. However, the prototype does not appear to have a charging port, and the yellow cable in the engine compartment is not fully visible.

2025 Nissan Pathfinder Prototype

Nothing has been confirmed at this time, and this may be an old prototype. Nonetheless, Automotive News reports that a redesigned Pathfinder may appear in 2025. Another possibility is that Nissan is developing a Pathfinder specifically for the Chinese market. The car was previewed earlier this year with a concept, which includes a design that is “more in line with the lifestyle and aesthetic values of Chinese consumers.”

Another possibility is that this is an early prototype of the future Infiniti QX65 or a Nissan competitor. The Infiniti will be released in 2025 and will be based on the QX60, which is related to the Pathfinder.

2025 Nissan Pathfinder Concept

Nissan introduced a new Pathfinder redesign concept at the Shanghai Motor Show earlier this week, and it reminds us that large SUVs can be quite interesting and some of the German design team should start taking note.

The Nissan Pathfinder 2025 concept teases a new seven-seat SUV, although it has no relation to the Pathfinder in the United States, which will debut in fifth-generation form in 2021. Instead, the car shown here (or its production version) will only be shown here. available in China. It’s a shame because we love this look on the current X-Trail.

We don’t know much about the Pathfinder Concept at the moment, but we expect the production car to be some kind of hybrid with four-wheel drive. Nissan claims to “blend modern Chinese aesthetics with signature Nissan flair,” whatever that is.

Still, those Leaf-style wheels look good on a large SUV, and the Pathfinder’s appearance is bold but not bold. BMW XM, please cough. Inside, there’s a 2-2-3 seating arrangement with all the screens you’d expect up front and some nice gold touches to brighten things up a bit.

2025 Nissan Pathfinder Exterior

The 2025 Nissan Pathfinder has undergone a significant redesign compared to its previous models. The front grille now features a V-shaped design that is more prominent, which gives the car a bolder and more aggressive look. The headlights are sleek and have been updated with LED technology, which provides better visibility on the road.

The SUV’s body has also been reworked to provide a more modern and robust appearance. The Nissan Pathfinder 2025 now features sharper body lines, giving it a more muscular and athletic appearance. The car’s overall design has been well-thought-out, and it looks much more refined and sophisticated than the previous models.

2025 Nissan Pathfinder Interior

Nissan has also made significant changes to the 2025 Pathfinder’s interior design. The car’s cabin now features a minimalist yet modern look, with a streamlined dashboard and a 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system. The Pathfinder’s interior is incredibly spacious and can accommodate up to seven passengers comfortably.

New 2025 Nissan Pathfinder

The car’s seats have also been redesigned to provide better comfort and support. The driver’s seat is now power-adjustable, and the second-row seats can recline, providing more legroom for passengers.

2025 Nissan Pathfinder

The third-row seats are also more comfortable and can be folded flat to provide additional cargo space.

2024 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum

In the 2024 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum model, this year we really hope for changes that are better than before. Although this year it seems the Nissan Pathfinder will still be offered in five trim levels: S, SV, Rock Creek, SL, and Platinum. The Rock Creek model looks like a lot of fun, with its go-anywhere equipment and attitude, in addition to providing much of the practicality that many families want.

The base model Pathfinder S FWD starts at just over $38,000. Platinum AWD is the most expensive variant, priced at more than $53,000. Prices for the Rock Creek start at just under $46,000, which is several thousand dollars less than the top model.

The base Pathfinder S model includes an 8.0-inch central touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, six speakers, and a 7.0-inch gauge cluster display. Remote start, a motorized driver’s seat and heated front seats are standard on the SV, the next trim level above. A rearview mirror that automatically tilts down when the vehicle is in reverse is standard on the Pathfinder SL, as is a 9.0-inch touchscreen with wireless Apple CarPlay, a wireless phone charging pad, a power front passenger seat, and a power liftgate, which is optional on the grade SV.

Folding side mirrors, a hands-free power liftgate, ventilated front seats, and heated outboard second-row seats are standard equipment on the Platinum level, but not on the Rock Creek. There’s also a 12.3-inch gauge cluster display, head-up display, and 13-speaker Bose premium audio.

We anticipate that the 2024 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum will perform similarly to the 2024 model in IIHS testing. The model from the previous year was Top Safety Pick+, the agency’s top ranking. Only the AWD version has been evaluated by the NHTSA and received a five-star overall safety rating, which is the government’s highest score.

Front automatic emergency braking with pedestrian recognition and rear automatic braking are standard, as are lane keeping, automatic headlights, and monitors for vehicle blind areas and rear cross-traffic. The SV trim includes adaptive cruise control and ProPilot Assist semi-autonomous driving, while the SL trim includes traffic sign recognition. Rain-sensing wipers are included in the Platinum model.

  • Model: 2025 Nissan Pathfinder
  • MSRP: From $49,780
  • Towing capacity: 6,000 lbs
  • MPG: Up to 20 city / 27 highway
  • Tire size: P255/50R20
  • Engine: 3.5 L V6
  • Horsepower: 284 hp

2025 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum

In the 2025 model version of the Nissan Pathfinder Platinum we were pleased to find that it comes standard with a suite of driver assistance systems, such as automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring and automatic high beam headlights. Nissan’s ProPilot Assist semi-autonomous driving mode is standard on the SV, SL and Platinum grades.

  1. Automatic emergency braking with pedestrian recognition is standard equipment.
  2. Blind spot monitoring and lane departure warning are standard features.
  3. Adaptive cruise control with semi-autonomous driving mode is available.

The 2025 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum also gets a makeover that is expected to come with an 8.0-inch infotainment touchscreen with the latest version of the NissanConnect software interface is standard, with a larger 9.0-inch screen standard on the SL and Platinum variants. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both standard, with the former connecting wirelessly at a higher level.

Optional options include a 12.3-inch digital gauge display, an onboard Wi-Fi hot spot, a wireless smartphone charging pad, SiriusXM satellite radio, a head-up display and an in-dash navigation system. A six-speaker stereo is standard, but a 13-speaker Bose system is available as an option.

2025 Nissan Pathfinder Engine and Performance

The 2025 Nissan Pathfinder features a powerful 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 284 horsepower and 259 lb-ft of torque. The engine is paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission, which provides smooth and quick shifts. The SUV is also available in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive options.

and 259 lb-ft of torque. The engine is paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission, which provides smooth and quick shifts. The SUV is also available in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive options.

New 2025 Nissan Pathfinder

2025 Nissan Pathfinder MPG

The 2025 Nissan Pathfinder has a fuel economy rating of 21 mpg in the city and 27 mpg on the highway. The car’s engine features an auto start-stop function that turns off the engine when the car is at a stop to conserve fuel.

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Safety Features

The 2025 Nissan Pathfinder comes with a wide range of safety features, including lane departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, and automatic emergency braking. The 2025 Pathfinder car also features a 360-degree camera system, providing a bird’s eye view of the car’s surroundings.

2025 Pathfinder Colors

  1. Two-Tone Scarlet Ember Tintcoat / Super Black
  2. Two-Tone Obsidian Green Pearl / Super Black
  3. Two-Tone Baja Storm Metallic / Super Black
  4. Two-Tone Boulder Gray Pearl / Super Black
  5. Two-Tone Gun Metallic / Super Black
  6. Two-Tone Pearl White TriCoat / Super Black
  7. Scarlet Ember Tintcoat
  8. Obsidian Green Pearl
  9. Deep Ocean Blue Metallic
  10. Baja Storm Metallic
  11. Super Black
  12. Boulder Gray Pearl
  13. Gun Metallic
  14. Brilliant Silver Metallic
  15. Pearl White TriCoat

2025 Nissan Pathfinder Price

The base model is expected to start at around $33,000, while the higher trims may cost up to $46,000.

2025 Nissan Pathfinder Release Date

The 2025 Nissan Pathfinder is expected to hit the market in the fall of 2024.

Competitors From Japan

For now, the Titan still lives. The second-generation model arrived in 2016 and received a modest facelift in 2020. Based on that cycle, a departure for 2024 or 2025 seems logical. However, the first-generation Titan lasted over a decade, so if sales show signs of rebounding, the chunky pickup could stick around a bit longer.


The 2025 Nissan Pathfinder is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a spacious and reliable SUV that can handle various terrains. With its redesigned exterior, refined interior, and advanced safety features, the car is set to be a game-changer for Nissan. The car’s powerful engine and fuel efficiency also make it an excellent choice for long drives and road trips. The car’s expected release date and pricing make it an attractive option for anyone looking to upgrade their current vehicle. We’ll be back with more information on the 2025 Nissan Pathfinder soon, so bookmark our website to remain up to speed on the newest Nissan Pathfinder news and information on other Nissan models on the road.

New 2025 Nissan Pathfinder

2025 Nissan Pathfinder

People also ask Nissan Pathfinder 2025

Q: Is Nissan coming out with a new Titan?

A: For the 2023 Titan, Nissan has made only minor updates to the equipment. Pro-4X and Platinum Reserve models will now have wireless Apple CarPlay as a standard feature. Additionally, Nissan has brought back the Midnight Edition package for crew-cab SV models.

Q: Will there be a 2025 Nissan Titan?

A: According to recent reports, the Pathfinder 2025 current generation of the Nissan Titan is expected to be discontinued in 2024 or 2025, and it doesn’t seem that Nissan has plans for a successor. This may be a wise decision, considering that the 2022 Titan was among the priciest trucks at its base level and was often ranked at or close to the bottom of various expert evaluations.

Q: Will Nissan make a 2024 Titan?

A: The 2024 Titan is not expected to see any significant updates, so pricing is likely to remain in the same range as the previous year. This means that the cost, including destination, should fall between $41,495 and $60,465. However, the full-size pickup truck market in North America is largely dominated by American brands like Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, and Ram with their respective models of F-150, Silverado 1500, Sierra 1500, and Ram 1500.

Q: Will Nissan discontinue the Titan?

A: According to Automotive News, industry analysts from LMC Automotive and AutoForecast Solutions predict that there won’t be a next generation of the Nissan Titan, and the current production run will end in 2024. Although there may be a 2025 model, it’s unlikely that the Titan will continue to be available in the market after that.

2025 Pathfinder Breakthrough Video

We also attach a short video excerpt from the AutomagzTV Channel which gives us a look at the video entitled “Big Changes To A Powerful SUV” where the 2025 Nissan Pathfinder will be a capable three-row mid-size SUV. It is located between the Nissan Murano and Nissan Armada.

The Pathfinder competes with popular three-row SUVs such as the Kia Telluride, Honda Pilot, and Volkswagen Atlas. The Pathfinder will likely see some upgrades in 2025. An off-road-ready Rock Creek trim was introduced, and wireless smartphone charging is now standard on the mid-level SL trim.

Since the Pathfinder was recently redesigned, we anticipate significant revisions for the 2025 model year.

With a new look, an improved interior, enhanced safety features, and a powerful engine, the 2025 Nissan Pathfinder is destined to redefine the SUV market.

This large, reliable SUV is ideal for individuals seeking adventure and need a flexible vehicle capable of handling a variety of terrain.