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2025 Nissan Armada is the company’s flagship full-size, body-on-frame, three-row SUV. The truck-based Armada lineup looks set to continue with a third generation to compete with vehicles like the Toyota Sequoia. Nissan has apparently shown off the new Armada to its dealers, and the new vehicle may be coming soon.

Nissan Senior Vice President Ivan Espinosa spoke to CarExpert in Australia at the 2023 Japan Mobility Exhibition. He mentioned that the new Armada is inspired by the Toyota J300 Land Cruiser, which is offered as the Lexus LX 600 in the United States. According to Espinosa, the new SUV is “much better than the Land Cruiser.”

The new fleet, like the Sequoia, will ditch the 5.6-liter V8 engine in favor of a third-generation engine. According to Automotive News, Nissan will replace the Armada’s 400-horsepower V6 engine with a more powerful and efficient twin-turbocharged V6 engine. This engine will be mated to a new nine-speed automatic transmission.

Nissan revealed to CarExpert that the next generation Armada will use a twin-turbo V6 engine. According to a Nissan salesperson, the new Armada is “Range Rover-like.” The dealership is keen to raise awareness of the new Armada. While it doesn’t reach the level of one of the best-selling SUVs in America, we can expect a considerable visual upgrade.

According to Automotive News, the new Armada will be bigger and more durable, with reworked headlights and taillights. According to the source, the Armada will also get better finishes on the inside and a larger screen. We suspect the Armada’s interior will get a more modern and more assertive style. Espinosa confirmed to Car Expert that the infotainment system will get “very big changes.”

2025 Nissan Armada Reviews

The next-generation 2025 Nissan Armada was spotted testing on public roads, giving us an early look at GM’s next SUV competition. Additionally, the 2025 Nissan Armada will compete with the Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon when it is released. This 2025 Nissan Armada prototype wears body-hugging camouflage with a swirling black-and-white pattern, as seen in this spy photo.

The Nissan Armada is a full-size SUV that commands attention on the road with its muscular stance and sleek lines. This vehicle was first introduced in 2004 and has since become one of the most popular SUVs in its class. With its powerful engine, spacious interior, and advanced technology features, the Armada is a beast of an SUV that blends power, comfort, and style.

This SUV is designed to take on any challenge, from daily commutes to long road trips and off-road adventures. The Armada’s V8 engine delivers impressive power and acceleration, while its advanced suspension system provides a smooth and comfortable ride. The Armada’s spacious interior can accommodate up to eight passengers, with plenty of legroom and headroom for everyone.

The Armada also comes loaded with advanced technology features, including a large infotainment system that integrates with your smartphone, a premium sound system, and a suite of advanced safety features to keep you and your passengers safe on the road.

Whether you’re looking for a family SUV or a rugged off-road vehicle, the Nissan Armada is a top contender. With its impressive power, spacious interior, and advanced technology features, the Armada is a vehicle that can handle anything life throws your way.

The 2025 Nissan Armada is the latest iteration of the company’s full-size SUV that has undergone a major overhaul. With a new twin-turbo V6 engine, the Armada is aiming to offer better fuel efficiency and performance than its predecessor. But does it live up to the hype? Let’s take a closer look.

The first thing you’ll notice about the 2025 Armada is its updated design. Nissan has given the SUV a more modern and aggressive look, with a new front grille, LED headlights, and sharper lines along the body. The interior has also been revamped with premium materials and updated technology, including a larger infotainment screen and a new digital instrument cluster.

The Armada is a three-row SUV that can seat up to eight passengers, with ample room for both second and third-row passengers. The second-row seats can slide and recline, while the third-row folds flat to create additional cargo space. Standard features on the base model include automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and blind-spot monitoring, while higher trims add features like a power moonroof and a rear-seat entertainment system.

2025 Nissan Armada

2025 Nissan Armada Redesign

Other Japanese automakers, unlike Toyota, are less prolific when it comes to launching new models. As a result, whenever a nameplate is about to be updated, everyone – including the CGI parallel universe of vehicles – goes crazy.

Toyota, for example, has a slew of concepts and specialty vehicles at the 2023 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, while Nissan is only focusing on keeping the rally tradition alive with the exciting Nissan Safari Rally Z Tribute off-road sports car. Of course, loyal fans won’t be disappointed with the Project Rugged Rogue, Sentra DET Concept, or Forsberg Frontier Off-Road Race Truck.

Other than that, it’s all about the 2024 model year refreshes and upgrades. The flagship SUVs, which stand above the family and comprise the $43,000 Ariya EV, $21,000 Kicks, $25,000 Rogue Sport, $28,000 Rogue, $38,000 Murano, and $36,000 Pathfinder – the Armada off-roader – are not on the list. Nissan’s 2023 model year full-size SUV, which starts at $50,700, is designed specifically for the North American market.

The car debuted at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show in its second generation (Y62), based on the current Nissan Patrol, and twinned with the Infiniti QX80, instead of sharing the architecture of the American-made Titan pickup truck to reduce costs. Also, unlike the popular Armada, the latter is on loan and will be launched after the 2024 model year.

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When competing with full-size SUVs like the Toyota Sequoia, Chevrolet Tahoe or Suburban, GMC Yukon or Yukon XL, and Ford Expedition, the Nissan Armada needs to release a new iteration soon. After all, the Y62 Patrol is quite old (introduced in 2010), and the Armada was redesigned in late 2020 for the 2021 model year.

As a result, it’s no surprise that even the most imaginative digital car content creators are trying to uncover the secrets behind the next-generation Y63 Nissan Armada, which rumor has it will come with a twin-turbo V6 engine that’s better than any Toyota or Lexus engine and an excellent replacement for the discontinued 5.6-liter VK56VD V8 engine.

Recently, YouTube channels AutomagzPro and AutomagzTV had some AI-assisted CGI thoughts on the next-gen Nissan Armada and chose to share them with the help of their pixel masters. Keep in mind that these are all unofficial renderings, so take them with a pinch of salt until Nissan makes an official announcement.

AutomagzPro’s CGI experts opted for a more streamlined approach – the Nissan Armada remains very large, but also very modern. Meanwhile, the digital writers from AutomagzTV opted for a more exaggerated and tough design, emphasizing controversial stylized features like the large front fascia and large LEDs at the rear.

2025 Nissan Armada Spyshot 2025 Nissan Armada Spied

2025 Nissan Armada Rendered

The previous generation Armada is still available in the United States, with a starting price of $52,095 for the 2023 model year. However, its successor is already well underway, as evidenced by the first spy photographs of the large SUV we posted approximately a month ago. Our friends at Kolesa.ru used those images for this early camouflage-free unofficial peek of the next-generation Armada.

The test car spotted in early October didn’t have much camouflage, but it did conceal large areas of the front fascia. These latest renderings show a very credible front-end design with a big radiator grille surrounded by a large C-shaped chrome bar. A coast-to-coast LED strip stands above it, and two massive headlamp units with L-shaped DRLs surround the grille.

However, the available spy photographs did not reveal anything about the rear end’s appearance. It is definitely fair to say that the portrayal above is more of a wild guess than an actual preview, but there are several fascinating details worth noting. To begin, it appears that the taillights will be connected via the hatchback, with an LED strip and a Nissan emblem in the center. As seen in the spy photographs, the main lighting units could be reduced to just the rear quarter panels. However, the level of camouflage on the prototype may conceal design surprises that are not obvious to the naked eye.

According to current understanding, the new Armada will be larger than the present model and positioned as a little more durable vehicle. It will be driven by a twin-turbo V6 engine linked to a nine-speed automated transmission, according to reports. This configuration will generate a peak power of roughly 421 horsepower to all four wheels.

In 2003, the first generation Armada was introduced in North America. This vehicle was built in Canton, Mississippi, and was based on the Nissan Titan. However, with the second generation model, the automaker chose to globalize the SUV and use alternative underpinnings. It is built in Yukuhashi, Kyushu, Japan, and shares its underpinnings with the Infiniti QX80. A new version of the latter is also being developed, and the company showcased its design earlier this year with the QX Monograph Concept.

2025 Nissan Armada

2025 Nissan Armada

2025 Nissan Armada Spied

A new Nissan Armada is on the way, and these spy images are our first glimpse at its development. It could make its debut as a 2025 model year product by the end of 2023 or early 2024.

The Armada is still a boxy SUV. A redesigned lower fascia covers the breadth of the car, emphasizing its broadness. A bar runs across the top of a new grille with rows of stacked, horizontal pieces. The new headlights and L-shaped running lights are hidden beneath the camouflage.

The profile of the Armada indicates an upright shape with slab-sided sides. The SUV is outfitted with black multi-spoke wheels.

A big spoiler hangs over the back window in the back. The taillights appear to be vertically oriented instead of horizontally orientated on the current model. The bumper is bulky and includes a hole in the middle for attaching the tow hitch.

We don’t have any interior shots of the new Armada, however there is a covering on top of the dashboard. This shows that the developers are prepared to conceal something at any time. The current Armada has a 12.3-inch infotainment screen and a 7.0-inch instrument cluster display.

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According to a source at a Nissan dealer convention, the new Armada is larger and more durable than the present model. Instead of the existing 5.6-liter V8 producing 400 horsepower, the SUV would reportedly have a twin-turbo V6 producing 424 hp. The old seven-speed automatic is being replaced by a nine-speed automatic.

According to the same report, the next-generation Armada boasts upgraded materials and larger screens in the cabin. There’s also new safety and driver assistance technology.

The upcoming Infiniti QX80 will be the Armada’s more expensive sister. At this year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the brand unveiled an idea for it.

The Armada and QX80 would presumably share a base and powerplant. They’d have different styling, though, and the Infiniti would feature a more opulent interior.

2025 Nissan Armada Interior

Espinosa said the Armada is getting old, especially in terms of infotainment. He promised that the next-generation model would offer “major and important changes in technology,” but he did not elaborate. Whatever adjustments Nissan makes to its next large SUV, logic dictates that they will also affect the luxury-oriented Infiniti QX80.

The 2025 Nissan Armada’s interior will be spacious and luxurious, with plenty of room for up to eight passengers. The front seats will be heated and ventilated, and the second-row seats will also be heated.

2025 Nissan Armada

The 2025 Armada will come standard with a large infotainment system that will feature Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. The system will also include a Wi-Fi hotspot, satellite radio, and a premium sound system.

The Armada’s interior will also be equipped with several safety features, including blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, and lane departure warning.

2025 Nissan Armada Exterior

The 2025 Armada will debut a new exterior design that rumors suggest will be reminiscent of the Land Rover Range Rover. The interior will also be redesigned, with a larger infotainment screen, high-end materials, and cutting-edge technology.

2025 Nissan Armada Engine

The 2025 Nissan Armada will also include a new engine, replacing the current 5.6L V8 with a twin-turbocharged V6, with an estimated output of around 424 horsepower. The new engine will be mated to a Nissan nine-speed automatic transmission.

According to a Nissan dealer, Automotive News quoted as saying in late August, the TT V6 will have 424 horsepower and a nine-speed automatic transmission. To refresh your memory, the old NA V8 had 400 hp and was mated to a seven-speed automatic transmission. Forced induction will provide a significant increase in torque over the original engine’s 413 lb-ft.

Not only is the V8 engine no longer available, but the diesel engine is also no longer available in markets where Nissan sells the large oil-burning SUV. Since most clients come from the Middle East, where gas is king, investing in diesel engines is no longer possible. In any case, the new TT V6 should outperform the eight-cylinder engine in terms of fuel economy.


The 2025 Nissan Armada will be built on the F-Alpha platform, which was first introduced in 2003. It’s also worth mentioning that the Armada is marketed as the Patrol in overseas markets, even though both vehicles have the Y62 designation.

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2025 Nissan Armada Electric

Nissan is transitioning a large portion of its lineup to electric and hybrid power. Nissan plans to introduce 27 new electrified vehicles to dealers by 2030, 19 of which will be battery-electric. This launch could feature ground-breaking new solid-state batteries.

The problem is that something must make earnings to balance the development expenditures in the short run. Nissan should be able to do so with a redesigned Armada and the continued availability of the Frontier pickup truck.

2025 Nissan Armada MPG

This combination will improve overall fuel efficiency while making the SUV compliant with fuel economy and emissions laws. The switch to a new turbocharged V6 engine is also consistent with broader industry trends, as seen by Ford’s choice to equip the Expedition with a standard turbocharged V6 in 2015, as well as Toyota’s decision to equip the third-generation Sequoia with a standard turbocharged V6. (together with hybridization).

2025 Nissan Armada Color

The 2025 Nissan Armada will be available in several new color options, including Super Black, Pearl White, Brilliant Silver, Gun Metallic, and Mocha Almond. There will also be several two-tone color options available, including Super Black/ Pearl White, Gun Metallic/ Pearl White, and Mocha Almond/ Pearl White.

2025 Nissan Armada

2025 Nissan Armada Price

Nissan has yet to release pricing information for the 2025 Armada. The base price of the 2024 model has risen by more than $4,000 to $55,450 ($58,450 for 4×4). It is still a little more than $70,000 in price. We anticipate that the pricing of the 2025 Armada will be in that range, leaving an opportunity for a new Infiniti QX80 variant to slide above it.

2025 Nissan Armada Release Date

Nissan has yet to announce a release date for the Armada. Nissan has revealed details about the Armada for the 2024 model year. As a result, the redesigned Armada will not be available until the 2025 model year.

According to Automotive News’ 2022 story, the Armada will arrive in late 2023. Although the launch date has likely been pushed back.


The 2025 Nissan Armada is a highly anticipated full-size SUV that is expected to deliver impressive performance, style, and technology features. The all-new V8 engine, refreshed interior and exterior styling, and upgraded technology features make the 2025 Armada a top contender in its class. We’ll be back with more information on the 2025 Nissan Armada soon, so bookmark our website to remain up to speed on the newest Nissan Armada news and information on other Nissan models on the road.

People also ask Nissan Armada 2025

Q: Is Nissan coming out with a new Armada?

A: Nissan has revealed details regarding the Armada for the 2024 model year. As a result, the redesigned Armada would not be available until the 2025 model year. According to a 2022 Automotive News story, the Armada will arrive in late 2023. However, the unveiling date has likely been moved back in the meanwhile.

Q: Is Nissan getting rid of the Armada?

A: Nissan’s flagship full-size, body-on-frame, three-row SUV is the Armada. The Titan full-size pickup will be phased out of the range after 2024, while the truck-based Armada will go on with a third generation to compete with vehicles like the Toyota Sequoia.

Q: What trim levels are offered for the 2024 Armada?

A: There are four trim levels available: S, SV, SL, and Platinum.

Q: What is the fuel economy of the Nissan Armada 2024?

A: The 2024 Armada comes standard with a seven-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive; four-wheel drive is optional. The Armada’s fuel economy is projected to lag behind those of its more advanced competitors. It has an EPA rating of 14/19/16 mpg city/highway/combined with RWD, and 13/18/15 mpg with 4WD.