2019 Nissan Maxima Platinum Interior

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2019 Nissan Maxima Platinum Interior

2019 Nissan Maxima Platinum Interior welcome to our site find great offers on Nissan’s full line of reliable sedans, versatile crossovers, capable trucks, and SUVs. Nissan unveiled the 2019 Maxima sedan at the Los Angeles Auto Show, right next to the 2019 Murano crossover. has been updated visually–the “V-Motion ” Grid becomes larger for the new model year, now equipped with LED headlamps, the rear fascia and taillights have been redesigned and the 19-inch wheels are now offered as an option–but in general, the Outside changes are pretty modest.

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Mechanically, we are also in familiar territory: The 2019 Maxima maintains its combo 300-HP of 3.5 liters V6 and CVT. It is offered with front-wheel drive only. The great addition is the additional technology; Nissan Safety Shield 360 is reaching Maxima at 2019. Already featured in a handful of other Nissan models, it is a set of six safety-oriented systems (automatic braking with pedestrian sensing, line-out warning, headlight beam assist, side blind-spot warnings, warning Backcross traffic and automatic braking back. It will come standard on the Platinum Maxima and also be offered as an option included in the SR Premium package.

If you are looking for a bit more luxury, Nissan also brings you the Platinum Reserve to Maxima package. That gets you satin bronze surfaces in the cockpit, padded diamond seats in the attractive “Rakuda tan ” Semi-aniline leather and a ruffle accent in that same color. It’s a nice look. The package also adds heated rear seats and new 19-inch alloy rims.

The 2019 Maxima will be offered on the S, SV, SL, SR and Platinum models. The list of options is very short: you can opt for the Platinum Reserve package or SR Premium package, which adds a panoramic double panel moonroof, the Nissan Safety Shield 360 and the Intelligent Around Monitor parking aid system. And that’s it. Simple

Nissan’s “ala Delta ” Design remains at 2019 Maxima. That’s an advantage for the incoming model because the emphasis of design language on horizontal movements and easy-to-reach controls is a boon to your future owners. It is worth noting, too, that the configuration of the dashboard and the instrument Cluster traces its roots to the concept of the sports sedan, which Nissan unveiled at the 2014 North American International Auto Show. It’s still heavy on buttons and knobs, but it’s neatly arranged, so it’s not as confusing as it looks.

You would have to get the top level models to get all those treats, but there is not a big gap in the price structure of the maxima adjustment levels to avoid getting the trimming option you want. The Maxima SR, for example, comes with dark satin chrome finishes, orange-accented Alcantara quotations, and orange accent seams, among other things.

The maxima do not come with many packages, but you are getting more than enough with what is available. The Platinum Reserve package wears your stateroom with satin-finished bronze finish surfaces, semi-aniline leather-padded diamond seats, and frill accents that look the same color as Rakuda. It is a visually pleasing look that infuses a Premium feeling inside Maxima.

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The SR Premium package, on the other hand, opens its roof with a panoramic double-pane moonroof. The package also includes a safety smorgasbord and technological features, including Nissan safety Shield 360 and the Intelligent Around Monitor parking aid system.

The Nissan Safety Shield 360, for example, is available for the first time at 2019 Maxima. We have seen the security shield of Nissan 360 in a handful of other Nissan models, but the 2019 Maxima is the first maxima to offer the suite of six security-oriented systems. If you are buying a maxima 2019, it is always best to carry the security technology. The 360 security guard offers automatic braking with pedestrian sensing, lane exit warning, front headlight beam assists, side blind spot alerts, rear cross-traffic alert, and rear auto braking. In other words, you are getting the value of your money from the security features with the 360 security shield. It only comes standard on the sedan’s Platinum cutout, but minor versions carry the system through SR Premium package.

The interior of the maxima is not the most spacious of its kind, but you will not find interiors that are as well designated as this. The materials are the first level, and some even coincide with the ones that are usually seen in more luxurious models. The front seats are comfortable, too, although it is hard to say the same in the back. The Maxima has its flaws, and one of the most obvious deficiencies is the lack of space in the back and space for the legs. It’s not so bad for middle-sized people, but high passengers might have a hard time to feel comfortable in the back.

The load space is another problem for the Maxima. It is unclear whether Nissan cleared more space in the trunk of the model 2019, but as it is, the Maxima only offers about 14 cubic feet of space, far behind some of its rivals, which can offer somewhere in the vicinity of 16 to 20 cubic feet of space.

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2019 Nissan Maxima Platinum Interior

The 2019 Maxima as technology, the automobile manufacturer called the Nissan Safety Shield 360, pedestrian sensing front braking, blind spot warning with rear cross warning, rail output warning, automatic high beams, and rear automatic braking. Included in Maxima Platinum and SR Premium. However, it should be noted that many of these safety features are already present in the Maxima 2018: Blind spot and rear cross traffic warning are optional, while Pre-coding braking is already standard. In addition, all 2019 maximum Smart Driver Alert features that can fit a driver when they are asleep as standard; Previously optional.

The choice of maximum powertrain has not changed this year. It is a 3.5 liter V6 standard which produces 300 horsepower and 261-pound-feet of torque. It is connected to a continuously variable transmission that transfers power to the front wheels.

2019 NISSAN MAXIMA was launched in December and a number of prices were announced soon.

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