2025 Nissan Kicks: New Update Kicks Subcompact Crossover SUV Reviews

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2025 Nissan Kicks Subcompact SUVs are becoming increasingly popular among buyers looking for a vehicle that is easy to park, affordable, and still useful.

The 2025 Nissan Kicks is one of the most affordable vehicles in this price range. It is the smallest SUV in Nissan’s inventory, falling below several others like the Rogue and the three-row midsize Pathfinder.

The New Nissan Kicks 2025 is one of the most reasonably priced SUVs in its class. When new, it costs several thousand dollars less than most other cars. That can be a considerable advantage in this price-conscious market.

Another advantage is the low fuel consumption. The EPA-estimated 33 mpg in combined city/highway driving of the Nissan Kicks 2025 is several mpg more than many other subcompact SUVs, which can help you save more money on gas.

  • A lot of driver assistance technology is standard.
  • Reasonably priced
  • Excellent fuel efficiency
  • Controls that are simple to use

2025 Nissan Kicks Reviews

Nissan looks set to launch its smallest crossover in North America. The current Mexico-built Kicks 2025 hit the market in the summer of 2018. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that our spy photographers captured testing of its successor ahead of the 2025 launch.

Those photographers assumed that it was the next Juke, a name that was replaced by the larger Nissan Kicks 2025 in the United States but is alive and well in Europe where the Kicks are not available.

However, the harder-edged appearance of this crossover prototype, as well as the fact that the Juke didn’t go into production until late 2019 and underwent a (very modest) facelift last year implies that it’s not the car hidden behind the camouflage in these photos.

Despite all the camouflage, we are confident that the second-generation Kicks 2025 will be a more mature vehicle than the first. Although the styling of the current Kicks is less flashy compared to the Juke with features such as the rear door handles positioned on the door skin and not on the C-pillar the designers of this new car seem to have improved their sensibilities.

The front end appears more chiseled to convey a sense of power and make the Nissan Kick 2025 appear larger. There’s even what looks like a conventional VW-style horizontal grille instead of the ugly U-shape of today’s cars, and while there’s still a distinct flare at the waist above the rear arch, it’s less dramatic than we’re used to seeing.

The shape of the rear hatch line looks vaguely more interesting than a typical subcompact crossover, although, with so much tape at the rear, it’s impossible to tell if that vertical light unit will also extend inward across the hatch.

The current Kicks in the United States is powered by a 1.6-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine, but it is unclear whether that engine will carry over to the new model, or whether it will use a smaller turbocharged engine and/or hybrid technology. In other countries, the Kicks is already available with hybrid power, but not in North America.

The new car was supposed to go into production in December this year, but Automotive News recently reported that the schedule has been pushed back to June 2025 due to a combination of the car failing crash tests and the engine being stolen from a supplier in Mexico.

Next-Gen 2025 Nissan Kicks Subcompact SUV Reviews

2025 Nissan Kicks Redesign

In our market, the New Nissan Kicks 2025 most affordable high-riding vehicle. It is priced lower than the Rogue Sport, with an MSRP of $20,790 for the base S, $22,650 for the mid-level SV, and $23,350 for the top-tier SR.

All models have a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine with 122 horsepower (124 ps/91 kW) and 114 lb-ft (155 Nm) of torque, connected to a CVT and FWD, and yield 33 mpg (7.1 l/100 km) combined 31 mpg (7.6 l/100 km) in the city, and 36 mpg (6.5 l/100 km) on the highway.

It is unknown what engine will power its successor, but we do know that it will have changed style throughout, including a new V-motion grille with horizontal slats, relocated LED headlights that sit higher up, new taillights, a new tailgate, and a cleaner-looking back bumper. It’s also worth noting that the profile and greenhouse are extremely similar to the existing Nissan Kicks 2025.

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We have yet to view the entire interior while zooming in on specific photographs suggests that the dashboard is largely hidden. As a result, we may expect some changes here as well, such as a new infotainment system and a digital gauge cluster. One area that requires improvement is build quality, so we hope the automaker has checked this box as well.

More information about it will be revealed automatically after the thick and psychedelic camouflage begins to peel off. And, as much as some would like it to grow out of its eccentric costume and become more refined, that does not appear to be on the agenda. But it’s at Digimods Design, where the rendering artist has released a few digital illustrations of a better-looking next-generation Nissan Kicks.

Overall, the virtual model is more mature, and we believe this design suits it perfectly, particularly with the LED head- and taillights, aggressively sculpted bumpers at both ends, a new interpretation of the V-motion grille, and some plastic cladding to emphasize its crossover-y nature. The model has a blue paint finish and some black embellishments, with others having a gray appearance.

As previously stated, we wouldn’t mind if the 2025 Nissan Kicks resembled these CGIs, and we believe you wouldn’t either. But that is not going to happen since the Japanese automaker has decided to take a safer approach to design.

Next-Gen 2025 Nissan Kicks Subcompact SUV Reviews

2025 Kicks Spyshot

The next-generation Nissan Kicks has been anticipated for some time, especially given that the current model has been on the market for about six years. Surprisingly, these spy photographs are the first time we’ve seen Nissan’s subcompact crossover SUV. It adopts design characteristics shared by the Nissan lineup, as well as what appears to be some extra size.

The front fascia of the Kicks 2025 is similar to that of the Ariya EV and Versa. It’s a broad, slatted grin that encompasses the grille and the headlights. In comparison to the existing model, it offers the front end a wider, rounder appearance.

In comparison to today’s more hefty and angular 2025 Kicks, the profile appears equally curvy. It also looks to be more upright toward the back and larger overall than it is currently. This prototype is also equipped with some stylish three-spoke alloy wheels.

Next-Gen 2025 Nissan Kicks Subcompact SUV Reviews

The rear spoiler part appears more significant in the tail, and the hatch has a substantial deck area. The taillights mix into this area of the hatch and may continue to be full-width, but better integrated than on the present car.

We’ll be quite interested in the mechanical pieces we can’t see yet. Unlike many other crossovers, the present Nissan Kick 2025 is only available with front-wheel drive, and it appears that an all-wheel-drive option for a new Kicks is inevitable.

It will be fascinating to see if this new vehicle retains the present Kicks platform, which is also used on the Versa, or if it opts for something newer, such as the Renault-Nissan CMF-B platform used by the Nissan Note and Juke. That updated platform may make Nissan’s e-Power series hybrid powertrains available, giving the Kicks a distinct selling feature in the market.

According to previous reports, the new 2025 Kicks will be released next year. Given how far advanced this prototype is, that seems realistic. We would also anticipate a price similar to the existing Kicks, which is a little beyond $20,000.

Next-Gen 2025 Nissan Kicks Subcompact SUV Reviews

2025 Nissan Kicks Interior

The Kicks 2025 Interior cabin is simple to enter and exit and to grow acquainted with. The climate control and touchscreen menus are straightforward to operate.

Because of the big windows and low hood line, it’s simple to view out the front and sides. The broad rear roof pillars reduce the rearview slightly, but not significantly.

On the other hand, taller drivers or those with large feet may have difficulty with the driving position. The accelerator pedal is pressed up against the side of the footwell, and the low, upright seating posture is uncomfortably close to the driver.

We also found the rear seating in the Kicks to be cramped when compared to the back seats in comparable extra-small SUVs.

Next-Gen 2025 Nissan Kicks Subcompact SUV Reviews

Nissan Kicks Engine Efficiency

Performance is hardly the Kicks’ strong suit. The acceleration is moderate the 0-60 mph time is 10.7 seconds, which is among the slowest in this class.

The brakes are easy to use and allow for a smooth stop, but the pedal feeling is spongy and unnatural. The Kicks performed admirably in our emergency braking testing.

The Kicks, on the other hand, has a few advantages. The suspension is quick and maintains the vehicle stable, making it enjoyable to drive on a tight route.

In ordinary driving, we also appreciate the transmission’s smooth and fast gear ratio adjustments. It eliminates the annoyances that are frequently connected with constantly variable transmissions.

2025 Nissan Kicks AWD

The 2025 Nissan Kicks is one of the fuel-efficient subcompact crossover SUV models in the long-awaited next generation of the Nissan Kicks, especially since the current model has been on the market for approximately six years. Surprisingly, these spy photos are the first time we’ve seen Nissan’s subcompact crossover SUV. It adopts design characteristics shared by the Nissan range, as well as extra size.

The front fascia of the New Kicks 2025 is similar to the Ariya EV and Versa. A wide grin that covers the grille and headlights. Compared to existing models, this model offers a wider and rounder front appearance.

Compared to today’s bigger and more powerful Kicks, the profile looks just as curvy. It also looks straighter towards the rear and overall larger than it currently is. The prototype is also equipped with some stylish three-spoke alloy wheels.

The rear spoiler appears more significant at the tail, and the hatch has a fairly large deck area. The taillights blend into this hatch area and may remain full width, but are more integrated than on the current car.

As far as we know at this point, the previous Nissan Kicks model was one of the few vehicles in its class that didn’t offer all-wheel drive, and its four-cylinder engine will likely leave you wanting more power.

However, in the future, the 2025 Nissan Kicks AWD could be an option to consider because the Nissan Kicks is Nissan’s smallest and most economical SUV alternative, with an attractive list of standard features if your budget is limited.

2025 Nissan Kicks MPG

The 2025 Kicks is powered by the same engine as the Nissan Versa subcompact sedan. Both are powered by a 1.6-liter naturally aspirated inline four-cylinder engine that generates 122 horsepower and 114 pound-feet of torque. All Nissan Kick 2025 are FWD and have a CVT automatic transmission.

The fuel economy is 31/36 mpg city/highway. The competing 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross has a larger, thirstier naturally aspirated engine that only achieves 33 mpg on the highway.

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2025 Nissan Kicks Safety

The Kicks has gotten all Good ratings in IIHS crashworthiness, seat belt, and child restraint testing since the 2021 model. It has not, however, been subjected to the institute’s upgraded front overlap and side impact testing. The NHTSA hasn’t released a complete set of ratings for the 2025 Kicks, but it did receive four out of five stars in the front crash test and the same score in the rollover evaluation.

Standard features include automatic emergency braking with pedestrian recognition, rear automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, and rear parking sensors. Adaptive cruise control is standard on the Kicks SV, and a 360-degree camera is standard on SR variants.

2025 Nissan Kicks Price

Nissan’s entry-level gas crossover, the 2025 Kicks, sits below the Rogue compact SUV in the automaker’s lineup. The Chevrolet Trailblazer and Toyota Corolla Cross are two of the car’s competitors. Given the age of this subcompact SUV, we wouldn’t be surprised if a new version of Nissan Kicks appeared within the next year or two.

The Nissan Kicks enters 2025 with little notable revisions. The SV and SR trim levels now include an onboard Wi-Fi hotspot with a three-year trial plan through the NissanConnect service.

  • S $20,790 (MSRP),
  • SV $22,650 (MSRP), and
  • SR $23,350 (MSRP).

2025 Nissan Kicks Release Date

It is expected that the 2025 Kicks Mk2 will arrive at US dealerships a year from now as a 2025 model.

Next-Gen 2025 Nissan Kicks Subcompact SUV Reviews


The Kicks is attractive and boasts some of the best amenities and technology in the extra-small SUV class for the money. It’s fuel-efficient, simple to park, and even enjoyable to drive on a winding route. However, it falls short of the competitors in terms of comfort and measurable performance. We’ll be back with more information on the 2025 Nissan Kicks soon, so bookmark our website to remain up to speed on the newest Nissan Maxima news and information on other Nissan models on the road.

People also ask Nissan Kicks 2025

Q: Will there be a 2025 Nissan Kicks?

A: Seven years on the market is sufficient for any modern vehicle, and Nissan is well aware of this, which is why they are presently working on a new generation Kicks. The tiny crossover will most likely be produced for the 2025 model year, replacing the existing model, which was introduced in 2016 and facelifted at the end of 2020.

Q: Will there be a 2024 Nissan Kicks?

A: The price of the 2024 Nissan Kicks ranges from $22,155 to $24,715 depending on specification and options. Even at the cheapest S trim level, the Kicks is well-equipped, with a slew of standard driver-assistance systems.

Q: Is Nissan Kicks being discontinued?

A: The adoption of the new, more strict BS6 Phase 2 emissions laws has led in the discontinuation of a slew of vehicles, including the Nissan Kicks. Unfortunately, the withdrawal of the Kicks means that Nissan now just has one model in its range.

Q: What is the downside to the Nissan Kicks?

A: The seatbacks in the back are overly upright, and the bench is flat and unyielding. These are some of the least comfy seats we’ve ever sat on. The Kicks can also be rather loud. Wind noise isn’t too severe, and it only gets worse at highway speeds.

Video Spotlight

On this occasion, we also quote a short video from the Digimods DESIGN YouTube Channel, where the video entitled “ALL NEW 2025 NISSAN KICKS REVEALED” shows several eye-catching spoilers. We will also continue to update other related videos in this post. Once again we thank Digimods DESIGN for the extraordinary design.