2018 Nissan Maxima Interior

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2018 Nissan Maxima Interior

2018 Nissan Maxima Interior welcome to our site find great offers on Nissan’s full line of reliable sedans, versatile crossovers, capable trucks and SUVs. The Nissan Maxima is a versatile full-frame sedan, with enough comfort to please a luxury buyer, athletic enough to keep an enthusiastic driver busy, and extensive equipment to appeal to technology professionals. The sporty, aggressive lines make a visual fist and draw attention.

Maxima has a lot of virtues as well – such as touchscreen information, in-dash navigation, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and automatic emergency braking.. Powerful and fuel-saving, the V-6 is under the bonnet, and the optional sport-adjusted suspension turns the heat into angles without punishing the passengers while driving on rough roads. Compared to other well-equipped limousines in full size, Maxima offers the most balanced blend of style, luxury and sport.

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Nissan’s luxury full-size sedan sees a few changes for 2018, but the most important feature among them is the addition of the Android-Auto connection to the entire range of Apple CarPlay as standard equipment. SL, SR and Platinum finishes now have several USB charging sockets on the rear seats, a new gewärzte color palette now includes Carnelian red, and all the maximas have a slight visual comfort with black accents on the grille. Forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking are standard addition to the 2017 models and are also available as standard in the 2018 Maximas.

The highly stylized cabin of the maxima is comfortable and spacious. The luxurious properties, especially on the upper ornamental plains, make it a great place to spend time. The Maxima offers space for five in a well-run cabin that is full of soft-touch materials, simple controls and tons of high-end features. The seat of the front seat is one of the best in the class, while the head is average. The back seat area is not as generous as with larger rivals such as the Chevrolet Impala and the Toyota Avalon.

Our Platinum test-bag had dapper wood-tone trim (metallic trim is also available), ambient lighting and leather throughout. The comfort in the rear seat should be good for most, but it is only suitable for larger passengers because the seats are mounted rather low and offer little thigh support.

Performance-adjustable driver and passenger seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and control knob, a double-zone air-conditioning automatic, an auto-dimming rear-view mirror and a button start are standard in all areas. The base models are fitted with fabric seats, but the top models feature standard leather seats, including SR quilted faux suede inserts.

20.6 inches off the road, the driver Toyota and Buick sit on a lower pitch than the big competitors. We use an H-point machine (HPM), a fully developed device marketed by SAE International, to measure seat height – the distance from the road to the heart of the rider. This versatile tool, together with a laser device, shows the width and location of the blind spots of the roof columns. Our HPM and laser measurement tools determine the length of the path covered by the hood and the way the baggage or baggage closes (as seen from the rearview mirror).

Although the forward view distance is average, Maxima’s 127 degree back view area is perfect. For comparison, we found the reverse view of Buick Lacrosse as Eingeschränkteste. The roof pillars protect passengers during a tipping accident, but they also create blind spots. We can determine the position and width of each column by measuring it with an H-point machine and a laser beam (carrier for the driver and eye liner). The front and back views are calculated by subtracting an excellent 180 degree score from the visible area blocked by the columns.

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2018 Nissan Maxima Interior


  • Well-built and attractive cabin luxury branded saloons competitors
  • Technical controls are easy to use
  • Many features for money
  • Clear use for a medium-sized sedan


  • Company trip of SR trim level
  • No traction from all four wheels
  • High price given the size of the car and the Nissan badge
  • Rear seat and luggage not very spacious

MSRP range US $ 33,270 – US $ 40,940

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